Adult Psychotherapy and Counseling Services in Western New York

Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) Therapies are scientifically supported treatment methods for improving and strengthening thinking, emotional, and behavioral actions of all kinds. (Note: ACT is a CBT approach and here is subsumed under the CBT abbreviation.) They are based on learning principles to constructively modify negative thinking patterns and self-defeating beliefs, and to promote more accurate, optimistic, and effective understanding and problem solving. They emphasize the use of effective and positive action and encourage well thought out experimentation in behavior to promote self-development.

The purpose of this site is to provide information about this psychological approach to assist you in strengthening personal effectiveness, improving relationships, enhancing well-being, and reducing negative emotional states such as anxiety, depression, anger, and frustration. Many cognitive and behavioral methods can be learned and applied in a self-help fashion. When problems are severe, persistent, and significantly troubling, the assistance of a CBT therapist can greatly facilitate the learning and change effort.